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Information search and discovery of flow can take hours, days or even weeks if performed on the Mainframe. With SMART TS XL, search and analysis takes seconds, flow in minutes with no additional manual processes. SMART TS XL also automates complexity and other reporting for a huge savings in project planning time.
SMART TS XL supports all textual information and therefore works with any department including HR, Business, and Operations besides IT. SMART TS XL is easy to understand enabling anyone in the company to use it.

SMART TS XL delivers the foundation for optimizing the business value of your application portfolio, and offers an end-to-end view of application assets across the entire enterprise, regardless of platform or language. Not only does the SMART TS XL engine excel at searching, cross-referencing and analyzing code, but it is also adept at searching and showing connections within any other type of textual information like logs, configuration files, trouble tickets, e-mails and other documents. Search and analyze information across all your mainframe and distributed environments with a few simple clicks.All Platforms. All Languages. One Solution.
SMART TS XL can search and find code patterns, fields, IP Addresses, Social Security numbers and credit card numbers, and not only in code, our software intelligence software can search on all text based assets including programming languages, documents, configuration files, e-mails, program event logs, any text-based assets.
SMART TS XL generates accurate cross platform change impact analysis, as well as uncovers loose ends that could potentially cause errors down the road.

Installing SMART TS XL takes on average 2 days. 1 day to install the software and to extract information and 1 day to parse and index.
SMART TS XL supports all possible data or source code elements, whether on a mainframe or one or more PCs, running IBM OS/390, i Series-AS400, UNIX, Linux, or Windows operating systems.

SMART TS XL is installed on your servers and it can be accessed by any employee in your company through a web browser without fear of accidentally editing by anyone. Unlimited users.

You can set it up so that the administrator grants access to users, or the tool adapts to the company’s Active Directory rights to grant access to users.

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