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Why is COBOL Modernization so challenging?

COBOL modernization projects present many challenges. Whether you’re moving your applications off the mainframe onto distributed platforms, or you’re rewriting old COBOL programs, you may risk breaking functionality that is crucial to your business. Often, those functionalities include critical connections between applications, making it incredibly important to keep linkages intact when transferring information over. Additionally, it is highly likely that legacy migrations may involve large applications which are difficult to understand and analyze, particularly if there is shortage of personnel who are familiar with these programs. Mission-critical applications resting on legacy platforms are especially challenging to port over to newer platforms or languages due to their indispensable nature.

How to make COBOL Modernization Less Stressful

SMART TS XL is an application understanding and mapping software suite that helps teams perform faster and trouble-free modernization by mitigating these risks. It helps ensure smooth sailing through project scoping, execution and quality assurance phases.

Here is how SMART TS XL can help you modernize your COBOL:

  • The COBOL field tracker lets you pinpoint a field and see the field’s usage in a program or programs
  • The Control Flow Diagram Generator for COBOL allows you to view logic flow of COBOL programs graphically
  • COBOL eXpander inserts the referenced modules into the program flow and shows you how the program looks at run-time
  • Keep connections between applications intact with the ability to map relationships between a set of programs
  • Expedite migrations by better understanding applications
  • Reduce errors with the ability to predict/analyze the impact of changes.
  • Locate missing components in applications by comparing old and new programs side-by-side
  • Estimate project complexity and timelines with the help of reports that detail program difficulty, delivered bugs, level of effort and hours required
  • Ensure quick and easy cross-platform analysis of code and documentation with a single location for all information no matter what language or platform
  • Reduce and keep track of outsourcing expenditure with faster research and the ability to estimate project timelines

Check Out More Solutions

Check Out More Solutions

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