Code Understanding

Code Understanding is Crucial

Understanding your code base leads to high-quality programs and fewer costly mistakes, thereby leading to more productive teams. SMART TS XL helps in code understanding by placing necessary information at your fingertips. Quickly understand and analyze legacy code, making it much easier for new IT teams to take over legacy application maintenance and modernization/re-engineering projects. No more hunting through various source code repositories or checking folders on shared drives for project pieces; experience application discovery in one centralized location.

How to Make Code Understanding Easier

SMART TS XL excels in advanced code search and analysis; searching through millions of lines of code is made simple and easy. Search vast and varied data repositories in under a second. With the ability to simultaneously search and analyze programs from multiple platforms, IT departments can see connections between different types of code, for instance how mainframe COBOL links to middleware Java.

Here is how SMART TS XL helps with code understanding:

  • Estimate project timelines with Program Complexity Reports that give you metrics like cyclomatics, program length, time to implement and a suspected number of bugs
  • Application discovery – Search specific parts of code, such as language reserved words, strings, literals or comments. Quickly find error-codes, messages, commands and business logic.
  • Link trouble tickets and documentation to programs, allowing multiple teams to see the big picture, and to easily navigate through related items.
  • See where program interactions occur, predict impact of changes and follow connected references with find and follow intelligence.
  • Analyze program structure with interactive flowcharts.
  • Cross-platform analysis that supports all languages including COBOL, JAVA, .Net, SAP ABAP, C#, Oracle, SQL, CICS and JCL. Contact us for a complete list of languages supported by SMART TS XL.
  • Increase team productivity by saving time and resources previously invested in search and discovery.
  • Overcome knowledge-loss issues with quick and easy code analysis capability, allowing new developers and teams to quickly understand and analyze legacy applications.

In addition to code search and analysis, SMART TS XL also has IT project scoping tools. These provide an understanding of element intricacy, helping to estimate the magnitude of IT projects, based on a set of applications. As part of project scoping, code complexity reports can be generated per programming language, source, data type or custom grouping. These reports help IT managers develop project estimates via metrics detailing exactly how many lines of code your project team would be working with, time for implementation, bugs and complexity. Contact us for more information about this feature.

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Check Out More Solutions

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