Enterprise Search

What is Enterprise Search?

Enterprise search must allow enterprise content from all databases/platforms to be searchable by enterprise teams and stakeholders. True enterprise search must allow users to instantly pinpoint information with the help of advanced search capability.

How is SMART TS XL different from other enterprise search software?

An enterprise search solution must return results with high speed and accuracy. This is especially true when resolving production problems, identifying the impact of a change, or estimating the scope of an application maintenance project. Standard enterprise search tools may be able to search source code without understanding the code structure. Not only does the SMART TS XL tool suite excel at searching code, but it is also adept at searching many additional types of information including logs, configuration files, trouble tickets, e-mails and other types of documentation. SMART TS XL also allows users to see cross-references within information, showing connections within and between different platforms, thereby building a comprehensive picture of all the information contained within an enterprise.

How does SMART TS XL help with information search and analysis?

SMART TS XL enables teams to search and analyze vast archives of information stored within the enterprise; irrespective of language or platform. Within seconds, it can search across all system platforms, containing several hundred million lines of code,. SMART TS XL search results are linked within to connected information, making it easy to navigate between related applications. This feature, along with impact analysis and cross-reference diagramming tools, give users the ability to see and analyze relationships within all data, including those of different languages and housed across multiple systems.

SMART TS XL supports:

  • All programming languages, including JAVA, COBOL, .Net, JCL, HTML, etc.
  • Documents
  • Electronic medical/health record repositories
  • Configuration Files
  • Emails
  • Program Event Logs
  • Any text-based asset

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Check Out More Solutions

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