The Impact of Zowe APIs on Browser-Based Search and Impact Analysis

Ami SadehTech Talk

On September 22 -23, 2021, the Open Mainframe Project held the 2nd Annual Open Mainframe Summit. This event brought together members of the IT community, including students, educators, and industry professionals, to share their insights on the mainframe. Ami Sadeh, CTO of IN-COM Data Systems, attended as a guest speaker.

In his presentation, “Building a Browser-based Search and Impact Analysis using Zowe as a Bridge,” Ami explained how Zowe APIs can be used to standardize information retrieval from the mainframe and added to a browser-based search and impact analysis tool. Below we will share some highlights from the event.

Building a Browser-Based Search and Impact Analysis Using Zowe as a Bridge

“Open, Simple, Familiar.” Zowe is an open-source software framework for the mainframe that strengthens integration with modern enterprise applications. As one of the most popular projects under the Open Mainframe umbrella, Zowe is comprised of several key working elements, each improving the learning ability, accessibility, and possibility of mainframe development.

At the 2nd Annual Open Mainframe Summit, Ami taught his audience how Zowe APIs can be used to build a revolutionary browser-based search and impact analysis tool. But first, let’s make sure we know what “Building a Browser-Based Search and Impact Analysis Using Zowe as a Bridge” means precisely.

  • Browser-Based – The browser is where we want to provide a modern, intuitive, and familiar user experience (UI/UX).
  • Search and Impact Analysis – This is handled by the application server and must be fast and accurate in order to be useful and reliable.
  • Zowe as a Bridge – Zowe is used as a standardized and secured method to handle content retrieval from mainframes.

Now that we’ve defined these terms, let’s break down the process. Essentially, there are two sides to the process. On one end, there is the mainframe. This is where your information resides, such as code, logs, jobs, database schemas, batch environments, online environments, and other integral assets. However, to reach the other end of this process, we will need to utilize Zowe to retrieve that information for the application server to process and prepare. By accessing this information via a browser, users will be able to make fact-based decisions, gain understanding and documentation, and create artifacts like exports and reports.

Watch the entire presentation to gain a complete understanding of the process: Building a Browser-based Search and Impact Analysis using Zowe as a Bridge – Ami Sadeh.

Supporting the Open Mainframe Project

Since 2015, the Open Mainframe Project has been dedicated to increasing collaboration in the mainframe community and promoting a shared set of tools and resources. This year’s virtual event went beyond the mainframe to highlight projects and topics from seasoned professionals, developers, and industry leaders. The 2nd Annual Open Mainframe Summit attracted attendees from across the globe, some hailing from Africa, India, East Asia, and more. Learn more about the Open Mainframe Project.

As an official member of The Linux Foundation and Open Mainframe Project community, the IN-COM team was proud to participate in this annual event. At IN-COM, we are committed to creating human-approachable software solutions designed to solve critical business issues.

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