Legacy Modernization Solution

The Legacy Modernization Challenge

Migrating legacy applications to new platforms often involves large, mission-critical applications with countless linkages and dependencies. Such linkages may be tied to other elements on the mainframe, but they could also connect to non-mainframe elements like distributed servers, APIs or databases.

Whether you’re moving your applications off the mainframe or you’re modernizing them in place, the risk of breaking something in a critical process is very real. This is made even more complicated by a lack of sufficient documentation or knowledge loss as SMEs retire.

Make Legacy Modernization Less Stressful

There are three things you can do to reduce the risk and stress of modernizing legacy applications: understand the environment, future-proof the applications with thorough documentation, and educate current and future employees working on the project.

One Solution for Multiple Challenges

SMART TS XL is a Software Intelligence® platform that helps teams perform faster and trouble-free modernization. It helps ensure smooth sailing through the entire project, from the initial evaluation to ongoing maintenance. It does this by helping you overcome modernization challenges.


  • Know what you have with an up-to-date asset inventory
  • Estimate project complexity and timelines with the help of reports that detail program difficulty, level of effort and estimated timelines
  • Perform accurate impact analysis across multiple platforms, subsystems and programming languages


  • Document the logic flow of programs in an interactive graphic
  • Pinpoint a field and document its usage and movement in a COBOL program
  • Expand all referenced elements in COBOL programs and JCLs to show how they would look at run-time


  • Reduce the amount of time required to research and review unfamiliar programs
  • Make it easy to recognize and follow references between programs and other elements
  • Connect relevant documentation to the associated programs or application elements

Mainframe Legacy Modernization

Mainframe legacy modernization helps companies stay competitive and agile in today's fast-paced digital landscape. Updating these systems improves efficiency, reduces maintenance costs, and addresses the risks associated with outdated technology. It allows seamless integration with modern applications, enhances security, and supports scalability. By adopting contemporary technologies, companies can optimize performance, foster innovation, and quickly respond to market demands. Additionally, modernization ensures compliance with regulatory standards and improves data management and accessibility. Embracing legacy modernization not only maintains essential business functions but also sets the stage for future growth and technological advancement.

SMART TS XL is a great solution for mainframe legacy modernization. It provides comprehensive code analysis, identifies outdated components, and maps dependencies, tackling the most important issues. This tool simplifies the transition process, minimizes risks, and ensures seamless integration with modern systems. SMART TS XL boosts efficiency, reduces costs, and supports strategic modernization efforts for sustained business growth. This thorough approach to mainframe modernization helps businesses keep vital operations running smoothly while positioning themselves for future success in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Application Legacy Transformation

Updating old applications is a must for organizations wanting to stay on top of their game, stay secure, and run smoothly. These old systems often slow down operations, cost a lot to maintain, and have security holes that can be expensive and time-consuming to fix. By modernizing these applications, businesses can use newer technologies like cloud computing, microservices, and advanced analytics, which boost flexibility and growth potential. This not only makes the user experience better and integrates more easily with current software but also ensures the business meets new regulatory standards. Better data management from this transformation helps make smarter decisions and encourages innovation.

SMART TS XL is an excellent choice for updating legacy applications. It provides in-depth analysis, modernizes code efficiently, and integrates seamlessly with new systems. This tool helps cut risks, boosts performance, and maps out dependencies thoroughly. Clients using SMART TS XL enjoy smoother transitions, lower costs, and greater efficiency in their operations, ultimately saving both time and money.

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