Inclusive Language

Companies and organizations worldwide are taking the initiative to promote and facilitate replacing exclusionary and harmful language in information technology.

Word Inclusivity Project

In the software industry, one way to drive a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable culture is to replace offensive code terms. This involves assessing existing code language, identifying potentially problematic words, and replacing these terms with more acceptable phrases that clearly communicate the technical meaning.

SMART TS XL is the solution for companies in the starting stages of implementing their own inclusion strategy. As part of our commitment to diversity and equality, IN-COM encourages technologists to collaborate and take the first step toward inclusive strategies. This transition must be a whole industry effort in order to ensure that future development continues to keep inclusive language as a coding standard.

IT Word Replacement

“Whitelist” and “Blacklist” are examples of commonly used terminologies in information technology. They refer to lists that permit or deny a set of nouns or select enabled features. In order to remain inclusive, a proposed alternative for whitelist/blacklist would be allowlist/denylist or allowedNouns/deniedNouns.

At IN-COM, our patented Software Intelligence® technology promotes and facilitates replacing this exclusionary language in the information technology industry.

SMART TS XL Solution for Inclusive Language

SMART TS XL can accelerate the completion of your company’s renaming initiative, resulting in more technically accurate nomenclature and inclusive terminology.

Since SMART TS XL supports all platforms, systems, and languages—the identification of all required changes as well as calculating the overall LOE is an accurate, timely, and simple process. The software takes advantage of the built-in dictionary mechanism as well as predefined complex synonyms feature. A search will then be performed on a specific platform (MF, SAP, WEB), language (COBOL, JAVA, SQL), group/region (Prod, DEV, QA), or even on all the corporate assets at once. In a matter of seconds, the search is complete—leaving you with key information that will immediately shed light on the magnitude of the project at hand. In addition, reports are generated, allowing you to analyze results in Search Hits Breakdown, Search Result Statistics, and a detailed line-by-line ALL HITS Report.

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