JCL Expansion

JCLs Contain Business-Critical Information

To keep the business running, IT departments are busy with lots of targets and projects that have to work together reliably and continuously. JCLs are still used on high-volume mainframes to make sure things are running smoothly. Coding standards are often put into place, but that doesn't prevent errors or non-adherence from cropping up in some JCLs. It's easy for the fine-tuned workload on the mainframe to suffer a setback or substantial delay when these errors cause a job to fail.

Because of the complexity of JCLs and the included procedures, parameters and symbolic variables, working through errors or major changes can be a nightmare. That's why Software Intelligence® that can show your developers the entire logic flow in one place is invaluable.

Expand Your JCLs and Lower Risk

The JCL eXpander tool in SMART TS XL displays all included Procs, Parms, DSNs and other symbolic variables as they would appear in the JCL at run-time. The easy readability of the JCL job flow allows you to search, view, analyze, print and map your JCLs in a fraction of the time it would take on the mainframe.

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  • Displays expanded JCL components, utilizing color coding to clearly show expanded portions
  • Links to and from the expanded JCLs, DSNs and other referenced programs can be enabled to allow easy navigation
  • All Data Set Names (DSNs) are analyzed and saved with relevant creation and usage parameters
  • See DSNs resolved and hyperlinked for easy readability

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