Software Change Impact Analysis

Assess the Total Impact of Changes

Change Impact Analysis provides a structured approach for looking at a proposed change. This process helps identify the impacts or consequences of the change. This makes it an important tool for evaluating the magnitude of work involved in a project and whether there are sufficient resources to see it through. It also helps identify and manage critical issues that may arise during the course of the project.

Impact Analysis is crucial to successfully manage changes and implementations to complex applications. Failure to accurately predict the impact of changes may invite unforeseen consequences and can derail an IT project leaving you and your team high and dry as the deadline looms.

The Key to Complete and Easy Impact Analysis

The Software Intelligence® technology in SMART TS XL provides rapid impact analysis by means of an extensive cross-reference utility, showing users a color-coded graphic of how and where programs interact. You can identify the areas that could require additional attention and testing with the capability to map dependencies between related modules. Responsive and user-friendly, this impact analysis tool greatly reduces the time required to understand and evaluate IT projects.

  • Build color-coded cross-reference diagrams
  • Click and follow hyperlinks that connect elements
  • View specific lines where references occur
  • Identify which elements are connected and where
  • Create reports that can be saved, exported and printed
impact analysis diagram

Impact Analysis in Software Development and Testing

SMART TS XL provides comprehensive impact analysis in software development and testing that provides significant advantages for developers.

By precisely identifying how changes in the code affect other parts of the system, SMART TS XL ensures thorough impact analysis in testing. This capability allows teams to anticipate potential issues and mitigate risks which ultimately enhances software quality.

In addition, SMART TS XL excels in detecting dependencies and relationships between different code components, streamlining the impact analysis process in software testing. It reduces the time and effort required to understand the scope of modifications, leading to more efficient testing and quicker releases.

SMART TS XL's integration with various development environments facilitates seamless incorporation into existing workflows. Developers benefit from improved accuracy in impact analysis, minimizing the chances of overlooking critical areas affected by changes. Ultimately, this leads to more reliable software, fewer post-release defects, and increased confidence in the development process.

Cobol Impact Analysis

SMART TS XL is known as an excellent solution for Cobol impact analysis, offering precise detection of dependencies and relationships within Cobol codebases. Its advanced capabilities allow developers to accurately assess the impact of changes, ensuring comprehensive testing and reducing the risk of introducing defects.

SMART TS XL simplifies the analysis of complex Cobol applications, identifying affected components and highlighting potential issues. This leads to more efficient testing processes, quicker identification of problem areas, and faster resolution times. In short, by integrating seamlessly with existing workflows, SMART TS XL enhances productivity and reliability in maintaining and evolving Cobol systems.

Impact Reporting and Diagrams

SMART TS XL excels in impact reporting and diagramming, offering robust capabilities for generating comprehensive impact analysis diagrams.

With customizable impact report templates, it provides clear visual representations of code dependencies and change impacts. SMART TS XL features dynamic impact diagrams, impact analysis graphs and impact influence grids that highlight affected components and their relationships. These visuals simplify understanding complex code structures and potential issues.

SMART TS XL's reporting options include interactive images and videos that showcase detailed analysis, enabling teams to quickly grasp the impact scope. This enhances decision-making, improves communication, and ensures thorough testing and development processes.

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