Communication and Collaboration

If your organization encourages a DevOps culture, then you know it’s all about development and operations working together to expedite projects, resolve problems and anticipate potential issues. DevOps emphasizes communication, cooperation and collaboration between the two teams - that’s where SMART TS XL can help.

Supporting DevOps in Your Company

SMART TS XL, a Software Intelligence® platform, offers visibility and access across your entire application portfolio. It helps diverse teams see problems, analyze them, and work together to develop solutions. With the ability to export and share artifacts, SMART TS XL helps to facilitate communications between developers and operations so that potential issues can be addressed before they become costly problems.

  • Empower teams with the application information they need
  • Team members can save and share reports, diagrams and other valuable documentation
  • Search for code in one location and quickly find errors, messages, commands and business logic
  • Predict the effect of proposed changes with cross-platform Impact Analysis tools
  • Determine the scope of work with program complexity reports that detail program difficulty, level of effort, hours required and other measures

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