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Software composition analysis tools are utilized by a wide variety of industries, because every company relies on software in one form or another. If your organization has an open source management strategy or is considering one, you will likely benefit from software composition analysis solutions.

What Is Software Composition Analysis?

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) is an automated tool that identifies the open source software components in a codebase, providing users with increased visibility and insights. Organizations can use this advanced tool to construct an inventory of all their different code components: open source, proprietary, and third-party commercial. With this inventory in place, IT users can easily evaluate and manage code quality, code security, and license compliance. Without SCA technology, manually tracking these code components can be an incredibly arduous task, often resulting in overlooked code and coinciding vulnerabilities.

Why is Software Composition Analysis Important?

Implementing software composition analysis tools is an essential step in guaranteeing that all of your applications’ components are compliant and secure. Undiscovered open source components can contain license compliance issues which can have serious implications affecting your reputation, IP, and overall bottom-line. In addition, open source vulnerabilities can also contain security risks that are bound to be taken advantage of.

Using open source components within your software can potentially introduce legal, security, and obsolescence risks. SMART TS XL is a software composition analysis engine that scans your existing code base and breaks down the interconnected systems to power your application.

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Benefits of Software Composition Analysis Tools

  • Recognize Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs)
  • Use transitive dependency to illustrate hidden threats
  • Identify open source licensing and IP compliance risks
  • Create an accurate Bill of Materials (BOM) for all applications
  • Access a comprehensive view of performance metrics
  • Generate metrics to drive more informed decisions
  • Prioritize the apps most critical to your business
  • End-to-end Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) coverage

Gain Complete Visibility

Software composition analysis tools offer complete visibility for your entire code base of open source software. As a result, your team will be able to easily access the coding and make necessary changes when needed.

Automatically Track Open Source Components

Simply put, it is no longer humanly possible for organizations to keep track of all the exploitable ways that attackers can potentially bypass the security perimeter. Consequently, many IT teams are left blind as to the security state of their code. Software composition analysis tools routinely keep track of all vulnerabilities and ensure that users acquire the visibility they need into the codebase. These AI-powered tools perform automated scans, leaving your team with a detailed report clearly outlining all instances of detected vulnerabilities and information regarding dependencies and affiliated licenses.

Automated Vulnerability Remediation and Prioritization

IT teams are expected to detect, prioritize, report, and remediate all instances of vulnerabilities across all environments. SCA tools allow your team to quickly assess numerous vulnerability dimensions, such as technical risk, effort to fix, and size of change. Composition analysis will also identify which SCA vulnerabilities in the open source libraries are relevant, and make confident prioritization decisions accordingly. IT networks, databases, applications, containers, and clouds are all susceptible to weaknesses that can be exploited by threat actors. Protect your organization’s information with SCA tools.

Continuous Security Monitoring

When it comes to protecting and securing your codebase, static scanning just won’t suffice. For example, a lightweight website that remains static for a long period of time can quickly become the target of a dormant exploit. Likewise, applications that necessitate frequent updates could also unintentionally introduce vulnerabilities if released without the proper scanning procedures. SCA continuous monitoring provides a solution for IT teams who don’t necessarily have the time to allocate for running static checks. The software does the work for you and ensures you always have visibility. It will even send you alerts based on pre-configured triggers.

Maintain Compliance with Open Source Licenses

Compliance with open source licenses is a critical aspect of software composition analysis. Gain greater insight into license requirements and attribution obligations while mitigating the cost and risk to intellectual property. SCA systems can flag components with unknown licenses within an organization to later be reviewed by the IT team. In addition, obligation summaries are generated to depict license requirements in standard terms that are easy to understand. This enables both your development and legal teams to promptly assess the impact of possibly including a certain component in an app. Plus, SCA will automatically flag any potential licensing so your organization can ensure compliance with policy enforcement.

What Do SCA Tools Look For?

Composition scanners will look for the following components in open source software:

  • Open source components
  • Any out-of-date library versions
  • Any security vulnerabilities
  • Licenses for usage and compliance data
  • Licensing expiration dates

SMART TS XL Solution for Software Composition Analysis

Powered by IN-COM’S patented Software Intelligence®, SMART TS XL is a successful software composition analysis solution that accomplishes the following:

  • Discovers and tracks all open source components
  • Identifies and fixes open source vulnerabilities
  • Seamlessly integrates into your build environment
  • Manages open source license compliance to reduce risk
  • Runs flexible scans based on organizational needs
  • Provides fast feedback based on findings
  • Assesses dependencies several layers deep
  • Promotes long-term project viability

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