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A cloud readiness assessment is a critical part of understanding your business objectives and anticipating future needs. Cloud migration assessment tools can help give organizations an idea of what their cloud transferring process will look like, and adequate planning is imperative for all parties involved. The initial decision to make the migration to the cloud is a big one, as the preliminary steps can make or break a successful transfer.

What is A Cloud Migration Assessment?

Cloud migration assessment tools are designed to help organizations understand if moving to a cloud platform is suitable for their business—before making the leap. For organizations that already have a cloud platform, assessment tools can also help decide if switching cloud service providers is a viable option. These advanced assessments analyze organizational resources and will even provide cost-benefit information for a smoother decision-making process.

Benefits of Application Assessment for Cloud Migration

  • Assists in project management and timeline planning
  • Helps your team understand data transfer requirements
  • Ensures migration schedule acceleration and quantifies cloud data charges
  • Shows you where to expect downtimes, improving overall time management
  • Helps you decide if you are using the right product for your business needs
  • Identifies and resolves high-risk components to ensure optimal performance
  • Ensures accurate planning, design, and cost for your migration strategy
  • Enables you to achieve a faster Time to Value

Overall, a cloud readiness assessment is a significant first step for any phase of cloud migration.

The Importance of Proper Application Migration Assessment

It is important to ensure that the transfer to the cloud is as smooth as possible because even the most minor errors in the migration process can be extremely costly. Plus, they can lead to further problems down the road—compliance issues, lost productivity, lost revenue, grievances, potential lawsuits, and more. With the proper cloud migration risk assessment tool, your organization can effectively minimize these risks and maximize results.

Practical cloud migration assessment tools allow businesses to gain insights from several areas that migration could potentially alter or affect, including:

  • Data portability
  • Data security
  • Thirty-party influence
  • Estimated operational downtime
  • Network issues

Cloud Readiness Assessment Methodology

A cloud migration assessment is the preferred and most effective way to check whether or not a system is ready to be transferred to the cloud. To make this determination, there are several different variables the assessment looks for and measures. What exactly does a cloud migration assessment monitor? Here are three of the most basic and specialized things that are assessed prior to migration.

Cloud Readiness Analysis

The first step is determining if you are actually ready to make the transfer via the cloud. Is every aspect of your system up to date? There’s always a chance that a component won’t move correctly, which is why readiness analysis is essential. A cloud transformation assessment audit checks to ensure that your applications will properly function after they have been transferred.

Data Collection

The readiness assessment will also look at the entirety of an organization’s data and how that data has been collected. This sophisticated process consists of checking software, hardware, employee tactics, capabilities, and more. The readiness assessment works to ensure that the data collection process continues to perform throughout the duration of the migration.

System Integration

Readiness assessments also look at the way organizational systems work with custom integrations and outside interfaces, such as third-party analytics applications or external systems. These assessments evaluate the integrity, strength, and strategy of an organization’s entire system—whether it suggests changes or continues to support it as is. Information revealed during cloud migration assessments is incredibly valuable. Rather than following a “pass or fail” mentality, the data that is collected can be used for effective planning and successful execution.

Make Cloud Assessment and Migration Less Stressful

Cloud migration is undoubtedly an enormous task, but it doesn’t have to be complicated! Working with a reliable cloud migration service provider can help to enhance the effectiveness of the process, as it does take quite some time to be done correctly.

SMART TS XL can help you efficiently perform an application assessment for cloud migration to determine your readiness before incurring large cloud costs. If you are ready to transfer to the cloud and are interested in IN-COM’s cloud migration tools, contact us today or schedule a free demo to learn more.

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