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Many organizations have difficulties identifying IT cost savings opportunities. Others struggle to keep their portfolios in line with business objectives. Application portfolio management offers a solution to these problems. Organizations can use technology portfolio management tools to perform quick and accurate inventory analysis for an enhanced view of inefficiencies, complexity, and application maintenance costs.

What is Application Portfolio Management?

Application portfolio management (APM) is a method for applying valuable business analytics to ultimately improve IT decision-making. Having the means to evaluate each and every application within an enterprise architecture gives organizations the opportunity to achieve infrastructure components on factors such as the number of users, size, age, performance, and significance.

Information collected through application portfolio management software can be used to show which aspects of an organization have room for improvement and even offer actionable solutions based on measurable factors.

Our patented Software Intelligence® technology offers a fast, accurate solution for organizations struggling with application portfolio management. Our easy-to-use tool provides objective insight that significantly improves the business value from your deployed applications.

What Does Application Portfolio Management Provide?

  • Simplification - Stay up to date on underlying hardware and software technologies and reduce the complexity of your IT infrastructure.
  • Reduced costs - Cut overall IT costs by eliminating obsolete, redundant applications and utilizing efficient APM software.
  • Better investments - Make the right business decisions by assessing apps and services that support your organizational capabilities.
  • Automation - Identify value-adding activities in your business by automating application portfolio management processes.
  • Adaptability - Evolve your organization with IT architecture that continuously delivers on business outcomes.
  • Engagement - Give team members the opportunity to compile, validate, and share knowledge amongst each other.

SMART TS XL Solution for IT Application Portfolio Management

Software Intelligence® technology expedites organizations’ application portfolio analysis processes. By leveraging benchmarks and KPIs from within an organization, our software allows you to see how your applications compare to industry peers. IT leaders will have easy access to relevant information on application type, team skills, technology, turnover ratio, total end-users, and more. SMART TS XL gives you real-time results on your applications’ performance.

Application Portfolio Management Capabilities

With SMART TS XL, you’ll gain exceptional insights into your application portfolio and ongoing governance capabilities, including:

  • Early detection of issues
  • Investment opportunities
  • Software health measurement
  • Portfolio complexity and cost
  • Application risk
  • Cloud readiness

SMART TS XL allows you to rationalize decisions and better manage your portfolio. IT portfolio management tools quickly and objectively analyze applications to detect any levels of weakness or complexity within the organization. Metrics are based on risk, system size, and technical debt. This data-driven portfolio analysis solution ultimately allows organizations to:

  • Decrease portfolio complexity
  • Advance business innovation
  • Increase Time-To-Value
  • Effectively shift resources
  • Meet governance standards
  • Improve investment decisions
  • Reduce IT costs

With SMART TS XL, CIOs and IT leaders can easily answer questions pertaining to cost, value, breakdown, and more.

How Software Portfolio Analysis Can Improve Your Business

Access structured data - View your portfolio assessment from your optimal perspective. Choose to analyze your information in a broad overview mode or pinpointed granular data.

Gain actionable insights - AI and machine learning technology enable your teams to quickly access and learn from vast amounts of valuable data in an easy-to-use and organized manner.

Set personalized goals - Summary and overview features allow users to clearly see areas that may need improvement, enabling them to set relevant goals based on specific business needs.

Make informed decisions - With this new wealth of information, your team will be able to make fact-based decisions that will transform your business in terms of profitability, efficiency, and more.

Track your progress - Use the roadmap tool to check on the progress of decisions and initiatives. See and understand results. Share outcomes with team members and executives.

SMART TS XL is the Leading Tool for Application Portfolio Management

Every business needs the ability to analyze its application portfolio and perform application portfolio assessments.

IN-COM’s application portfolio analysis tool provides IT leaders with the means to deliver maximum impact and make valuable changes to their portfolios. Technology portfolio management software creates a more impactful planning process for IT departments. Easily detect and resolve issues related to organizational support, future development, and infrastructure. See your application portfolio from an objective viewpoint and break down your business into more focused elements such as owner, department, or function. You can even see the direct and indirect costs of each application.

SMART TS XL helps ease the burden of application portfolio management for your IT and development team by crawling and indexing your complex tech portfolio. If you are interested in IN-COM’s application portfolio management tools, contact us today or schedule a free demo to learn more.

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