November 11-12, 2021

Sessions will be held both days 9:00-12:00 CDT

All SMART TS XL Users, Admins and Devs -
join us for this complimentary virtual event.

On the 11th day of the 11th month, version 11 of SMART TS XL debuts!

Learn, Connect, Achieve More

This two-day online event will help you maximize your efforts: learn new insights for using SMART TS XL - best practices, tips, tricks and how-tos; preview the newest version; and hear from keynote speakers.

General sessions for all to attend include:

  • Version 11 new feature highlights
  • Using SMART TS XL for DevOps channels

The summit is broken into a variety of topical tracks specifically geared toward Users, Admins and Devs.


  • Accelerate your company's Inclusivity Initiative
  • Locate Synonyms/unknown field names
  • Create subsystem maps using the Infinity Search
  • Expedite your efforts with Saved Queries – use, create, modify
  • Simplify your work with filters and artifact creation
  • Experience the benefits of linking documents, flow charts, tickets, and support emails
  • Take a deep dive into how v11 features (catalogs, business rules, etc.) will facilitate your project work


  • Discover what's new for you in v11
  • From an Admin to an "Ambassador of Knowledge"- optimize SMART TS XL and take it to the next level
  • Hear from other admins how they are implementing our technology in their environment
  • Meet the IN-COM tech team and join in a Q & A session


  • How to develop using SMART TS Xtensions
  • Getting started
  • APIs available
  • Code samples
  • Use cases
  • Web client customizations and app development

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