Application Understanding

Application Understanding is Crucial

Modernizing legacy systems, improving code quality, evaluating risk, and understanding and documenting applications are key initiatives for companies today.

Enterprise applications are at the heart of every successful business, so when they don’t operate at optimum efficiency, the profitability and stability of the entire enterprise is at risk. Understanding your code base leads to high-quality programs and fewer costly mistakes.

How to Make Application Understanding Easier

To truly understand the code and connections in your application portfolio, you must have end-to-end visibility. By utilizing powerful and accurate Software Intelligence®, you make it easier to catalog and access the what you need, when you need it.

Fast and accurate code understanding and analysis results in faster time to market, improved application quality, quickly filled knowledge gaps, and lowered risk levels.Understand your application code with SMART TS XL

SMART TS XL is an analysis platform that excels in application discovery and understanding. No more hunting through multiple code libraries or checking folders on shared drives for project pieces. IT teams can identify connections between different code languages and platforms, like how mainframe COBOL links to distributed Java. SMART TS XL places the necessary information at your fingertips.

  • See where program interactions occur, predict impact of changes and follow connected references.
  • Quickly find error-codes, messages, commands and business logic.
  • Link trouble tickets and documentation to programs and easily navigate through related items.
  • Estimate project timelines with Program Complexity Reports that give you metrics like cyclomatics, program length, and a suspected number of bugs.
  • Analyze program structure with interactive flowcharts.
  • Cross-platform support for all languages including legacy languages like COBOL and JCL.
  • Increase team productivity by saving time and resources previously invested in search and discovery.
  • Overcome knowledge-loss issues with quick and easy code analysis capability, allowing new developers and teams to quickly understand and analyze legacy applications.

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More Solutions