Cobol Code Analysis

SMART TS XL for COBOL Code Analysis

Using SMART TS XL for COBOL code analysis offers numerous advantages that significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of managing legacy systems.

One of the capabilities available from SMART TS XL is comprehensive impact analysis which helps developers understand the intricate relationships and map dependencies within COBOL programs. Its advanced static analysis capabilities identify potential issues, inefficiencies, and vulnerabilities in the code which enable proactive problem resolution. In addition, the tool's detailed visualizations and flow charts make it easier to grasp complex COBOL structures, facilitating smoother code review and refactoring processes.

Also, with SMART TS XL's robust reporting features users can see clear and actionable insights, aiding in decision-making and ensuring that code changes do not introduce new errors or regressions.

By automating many aspects of code analysis, SMART TS XL reduces the manual effort required, allowing teams to focus on higher-value tasks. This results in faster development cycles, improved code quality, and enhanced overall system performance. For organizations relying on COBOL, SMART TS XL is an indispensable tool for maintaining and modernizing their critical applications.

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