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Building a Browser-based Search and Impact Analysis using Zowe as a Bridge

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We are excited to announce that our CTO, Ami Sadeh, will be a conference speaker at the 2nd Annual Open Mainframe Summit in September. Ami will represent IN-COM as he discusses “Building a Browser-based Search and Impact Analysis using Zowe as a Bridge.

IN-COM Joins the Open Mainframe Project & Linux Foundation

IN-COM is committed to quality, growth, and innovation, which is why we recently joined the Open Mainframe Project. Founded in 2015, Open Mainframe Project is an open source umbrella project that strives to increase collaboration across the mainframe community and develop shared toolsets and resources. The vision statement reads, “the mainframe is an active, integrated, and essential part of modern enterprise IT, consumable by mainstream developers and users, and driven by a vibrant open-source community.”

All of us at the IN-COM team are looking forward to being a part of The Linux Foundation and Open Mainframe Project community!

Summit Speaker: Ami Sadeh

Ami Round

IN-COM’s Chief Technology Officer, Ami Sadeh, has an extensive background in creating human-approachable software solutions to solve critical business problems. Under his leadership, SMART TS XL grew from a simple idea to a sophisticated solution, used and relied upon by thousands of users and services within some of the largest IT organizations in the world.

For a long time, browsers have provided both users and developers with a reliable, platform-independent means to access information using modern user experiences. Tune in to Ami’s speaking engagement to see how Zowe APIs were utilized to standardize information retrieval from the Mainframe and add it to a browser-based search and impact analysis tool.

Ami will be speaking on Thursday, September 23, from 1:50-2:20 pm EDT.

Register Today for This Year’s Open Mainframe Summit

In addition, this year’s virtual event will highlight topics that will allow industry leaders, seasoned developers, and students to share knowledge and network with like-minded individuals. The conference will showcase sessions pertaining to topics such as:

  • Evolution of the modern mainframe industry
  • COBOL marketplace and methodology 
  • Workflow creation tools
  • Diversity in the tech industry
  • ZEBRA incubator project 
  • Avoiding open-source malware
  • Zowe APIML

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