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All About Function Point Analysis

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Introduction: What is Function Point Analysis?

Function point analysis is a software measurement technique used to estimate the size of a project by counting its code lines, function points are the most common measure.

The term function point was coined in 1979 by Albrecht with his paper “A Technique for Analyzing Large Systems”. He defined function point as “a measure of work done in one unit of time.”

The FPA technique is useful to determine the size and complexity of a software system without regard to its architecture. The FPA technique can be applied at various levels of detail, from an entire system down to each module or macro-module.

What are the Key Concepts in Function Point Analysis?

Function point analysis is a technique for estimating the size of software systems. It is used to determine the complexity of the system and how it will be measured. The point-based system was designed by Tom DeMarco and Bob Martin to measure software complexity objectively.

The key concepts in function point analysis are points, points per hour, volume, volume per hour, productivity index, technical volume index, management volume index.

How to Use Function Point Analysis for Testing?

Function point analysis is a popular and widely used metric for measuring the size of a software application.

Before we can use function point analysis for testing, we need to know how it works and what it is.

It was introduced by IBM in 1979 to measure complexity of software system.

The intention was to divide the software into blocks, identify what each does, and then count how many different types of blocks there are in total within that system.

The number of points then represents the complexity or size of that system.

Conclusion & Takeaways: Function Point Analysis

A function point analysis is a way of measuring software size, complexity, and quality. Function point analysis is most often used in IT organizations to measure progress in software development projects. It is also used in many industries for validating compliance with standards or regulatory requirements.

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