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Communication and Collaboration is Essential

If your organization engages in a DevOps culture then you know it’s all about software developers and operations working together to expedite development, resolve problems and anticipate potential issues. The DevOps process emphasizes communication, cooperation and collaboration between the two teams – that’s where the functionalities of SMART TS XL can help significantly.

A DevOps Tool to Solve and Anticipate Problems

Our software technology offers visibility and access across your entire application enterprise thereby helping diverse teams see the problems; analyze them; and work together to come up with solutions. And, with the ability to export and share artifacts, SMART TS XL helps to facilitate communications between developers and operations so that potential issues can be addressed before they become costly problems.

DevOps implementations can utilize SMART TS XL technology to help teams:

  • Predict the impact and consequences of proposed changes with Impact Analysis tools designed to help identify and manage critical issues
  • Empower teams to effectively communicate with shared reports, diagrams and other artifacts that can easily be saved and exported
  • Determine the scope of work beforehand with Program Complexity Reports that detail program difficulty, suspected number of bugs, level of effort, hours required and other measures
  • Search for code in one location and quickly find errors, messages, commands and business logic without having to dig through code line by line
  • Examine logs to quickly assess error messages
  • Expedite program development with the ability to design and write your own APIs using SMART TS XL technology
  • Save research time on projects by viewing advanced reports like most-called assets and suspected orphans

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Check Out More Solutions

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